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It would be great if you knew exactly. What questions a recruiter would be asking in your next job interview?


We can not read minds, But we will give you a list of the 12 most commonly asked questions in job interviews, Along with advice on how to answer them.

While we don't recommend having the same answer for every interview question. This will give you an idea of how to respond to the questions. We do advise you to spend some time get comfortable with what you might be asked. 

Consider this list of your interview, question, and answers


    1.Tell Me About yourself

This question seems to be simple, So most people fail to prepare for it. But it's crucial. Here's the deal, Don't give any irrelevant information to the employer. But you have to give only the information which matched the job vacancy. You have to use the past, present future formula to describe your roles and responsibilities. Then you have to give an overview of how you achieved this. you cam get you dream job here

    2. How did you know about this position?

It is a perfect opportunity to stand out and show your passion for and connection to the organization. If you discovered the company through any job portal like Rightjobs4you or Even if you find the listing through a random job portal, share what especially caught your eye about this job vacancy.


    3. Why do you want to work in this company?

In question, you have to give a specific answer. Do your research and point to something that makes the company unique that appeals to you. Here you have to explain the future opportunities for growth and how you can contribute to it. Whichever way you choose, make sure to be specific. If you give the wrong answer, here you are almost out of the interview. So be prepared with this question with prior research.

    4. Why do you want this job?

Companies want to hire passionate people, So you should have a great answer to this question. First, Identify the job description that makes the role a great fit for you.

     5. Why should we hire you?

There is no better setup for you to represent yourself and your skills in front of your hiring manager. Here to craft your answer by showcasing your skillset, which matched the job vacancy. You have to add some valid inputs as you will fit in the team and culture. You are a better hire than the other applicants.

    6. What are your greatest strengths?

Here is an opening to talk about the strengths that make you a good fit for this role. When you are answering this question, Think quality instead of quantity. In other words, don't give a list of adjectives. Instead, pick one or two strengths and qualities which relevant for the role.

    7. What do you consider to be your weakness?

What is your interviewer trying to do with this question? He wants to know your self-awareness and honesty. So here you have to give a response that benefits the company. For example: maybe you have been ever good at public speaking. But you recently worked on this now you are a public speaker, have excellent presentation skills. Now comfortable when addressing a crowd.


    8. What is your professional achievement?

Here you have an opportunity to give information about your past achievements. So explain any situation when you plan any strategy to make your company out of trouble & you did a great job providing the solution in your previous employer.


   9.  Why are you leaving your current job?

Never say anything wrong about your current company you will not gain anything being negative about your current employer. Instead, frame things in a way that you are eager to take new opportunities, and the job for you interviewing is a better fit for you. 

  10. Where do you want to see yourself in three years?

 If the interviewer asked this questio0n be honest and specific about your goals. You have to answer in a realistic way, it is ok to say that you are not quite sure what the future holds, but that you see this experience playing a major role in helping you make the decision.

  11.  Are you willing to relocate?

 This question is like a simple yes or no, But it is often a little bit more complicated than that. If your answer for the particular job is yes, I will relocate in one scenario, where you open to relocating for this opportunity. But if your answer will be no, then you can say you prefer to ABC reasons. I will be willing to consider relocation for the right position.

These are some of the most asked questions which we mentioned above. Wish you good luck with your coming interview. to get your first job click here.

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